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We Are a Rebate Eligible Installer For Centerpoint Energy and Xcel Energy


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Email us below to get our Home Performance Comfort & Energy guide and learn how your home should work as a system, and a wealth of DIY tips.  This will give you the knowledge to make proper decisions about your homes performance as well as giving you the power you need to choose the proper insulation contractor

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​While we are an insulation contractor that can help you save energy and money,  you will find that we also have a  focus on  other very important things like air quality, comfort, occupant health and safety and building durability that comes from a deep knowledge of building science.

With a diagnostic tool kit that is loaded with everything from blower door and duct test equipment, infrared cameras, remote video inspection, combustible and toxic gas detectors, air flow, temperature, humidity and air quality monitors  all the way to special lights that reveal rodent waste products. We have the ability to test for, measure and diagnose the things that can make a home less efficient, less  comfortable, as well as potentially unhealthy and unsafe.

Along with being a rebate eligible installer for both Centerpoint Energy and Xcel Energy we also carry multiple certifications from the Building Performance Institute including being the first and only insulation contractor in the state of MN to obtain the BPI Gold Star Contractor certification

Regardless of what the issue is cold, hot, drafty, ice dams, iced up windows, asthma, allergies, rodents, high humidity, mold or air quality concerns give Air Seal Tech a

call  and we will diagnose the issues and let you know the solutions.

Thermal image of missing insulation in attic above kitchen

Air Seal Tech offers a range of services from code compliance blower door and duct leakage testing, insulation,  troubleshooting building performance, to air sealing and insulation retrofits that will correct the issues that affect your budget, comfort, and health.  Find out how our affordable services can produce an immediate measurable and noticeable improvement with these issues

Insulation & Air Sealing
Removal of R49 fiberglass batts in vaulted ceiling that was causing condensation issues and water in trophy room below

Air Seal Tech has the knowledge and field experience to troubleshoot and remedy your building performance  issues. Testing, and retrofitting both new construction and existing buildings to improve the performance and efficiency. Making your building an asset that improves both your health,  life and lifestyle 

About Air Seal Tech
Rim joist air sealing with gun foam

While Air Seal Tech utilizes high tech  tools such as blower door tests,  duct leakage testing, and infrared thermography  to test and measure, we  also offer  the knowledge, training and experience to analyze and intepret  the results in order to produce the proper solutions to address what can often be vexing building performance issues  

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