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Air Seal Tech is closely monitoring the COVID-19 public health emergency and as an essential business it is of the highest priority that we’re following all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local officials.

Our professional technicians are trained to take special precautions to ensure a healthier environment including wearing personal protective equipment (i.e., disposable gloves, shoe covers and masks when appropriate), regularly washing hands and minimizing physical interactions. Our technicians are friendly and caring – and your health is our primary concern.


We invite all our customers to please inform us about any special conditions you have so the technicians can prepare accordingly. This includes any concerns or conditions in your home such as current or recent illnesses of family members. 


A healthy team is also important at Air Seal Tech. We are asking our team members to take proper measures to minimize risk, including personal care and protection, and to stay home if/when they feel ill until they recover completely.

  It’s paramount to us that you continue to receive the same level of service you are accustomed to, and we’re confident that with the measures we’ve put in place, we can mitigate this risk together. We are optimistic that by working together with you, we can preserve your safety and ours, and help curtail the spread of coronavirus.

Brian Larson

Owner, Air Seal Tech

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