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If Your Not Testing, Your Just Guessing!

We do lots of troubleshooting of building problems and comfort issues. One of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal is the the blower door test. When this is combined with thermal imaging it is a diagnostic technique that will reveal issues that are unable to be found any other way short of opening walls, floors or ceilings.

With a quick and affordable blower door test we can locate construction defects and  problem areas as well as areas of leakage caused by the passage of time and normal expansion and contraction of a building due to the change in seasons.

For the home builder the building code mandates a  blower door test to ensure the home does not exceed a maximum leakage rate to ensure a tight efficient structure that means greater value to the home buyer. We offer fast, professional service that will give you significant savings over your current provider.

For the contractor  a blower door test can be of great benefit before the project starts as it can reveal problems that can be added to the scope or simply be documented to avoid unnecessary warranty claims down the roads and add profit to projects.

For the homeowner it will show problems with existing structures that can often be easily remedied, and will improve the comfort,  health and safety of your family.  These simple fixes can also reduce energy and maintenance costs, eliminate ice dams, reduce allergens as well as help preserve a buildings structural integrity.

For realtors whether representing a buyer or seller a blower door test will show issues that can either be dealt with prior to a home inspection by a buyer, or can be written into an agreement for the seller to remedy.  Home inspectors typically do not possess a blower door or know how to use one. Therefor any air leakage issues that cause ice dams, attic condensation, ceiling leaks and areas of the home that are uncomfortable both summer and winter are seldom if ever found during the average home inspection


Whether you are a  homebuilder, contractor, homeowner, realtor, home buyer or seller you can certainly benefit from the lower cost, greater comfort and higher performance that can be realized when the issues revealed by a blower door test are remedied.   

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