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Attic Insulation Reviews

"Excellent!!! Brian and Crew were fantastic!"

"Wonderful! Brian was great to work with. He was prompt and had the best pricing compared to others we checked. They also took care of the Centerpoint reimbursement so we didn't need to do the paperwork. They made it so easy!"

"Brian was great. He gave me a quote for insulation and explained in detail what had to be done and why. I wasn't able to afford the insulation right now - but if I could have I would have hired them."

"We started by requesting a quote to insulate the attic of our townhouse but ended up insulating about a total of 2000 square feet including the garage. Brian Larson and his crew were excellent. They were knowledgeable, efficient and professional. I would recommend them and use them again."

"They completely insulated my attic. Brian and his crew came to my house on the coldest day in MN history and insulated my attic.  The guys were so polite and courteous while completing my job.  They even wanted me to come up in the attic to see what they had done.  After they were done, they brought out a shop vac to clean up any of the insulation that might have gotten anywhere it wasn't supposed to be.  Whey that was done, Brian made a point to offer that they would be available if I had any additional concerns."

"Three pleasant workers came in ready to roll and get the job done. Brian (field supervisor) came soon after and inspected the site. The job was finished and cleaned up in less than three hours."

"Brian did everything needed for my house and provided me professional and kind assistance.  After insulation added, house is able to keep warm once heater heated up inside temperature."

Efficiency Audit /Troubleshooting Reviews

Evaluation on why upstairs ceilings were leaking water from the attic. "excellent! Brian was prompt, honest, efficient, informative and reliable! He went the extra mile in evaluating what could be wrong, ensuring that everything was as it should be and gave tips as to how future issues could best be avoided! Was honest in his assessment that everything was on task and didn't give false information as to having things done (costing money) that aren't necessary at all!!"

"Brian came to the house and provided a thorough review of the energy efficiency of our home. He was punctual, professional and honest. When / if we have needs down the line - he'll be our first call."

"Infrared camera scan thermal analysis assesses conditioned and unconditioned locations in home for convective, conductive, and radiant energy loss Blower door air infiltration diagnostics measure the level of air infiltration in your home Brian was very professional and knowledgeable, and did a great job."

 "We decided to get an energy efficiency audit because we had two different window replacement bids that were astronomical. We reached out about this and Brian actually came to the house twice to conduct the energy audit because the first time the temperature on the inside and outside of the house was pretty similar. Both times he came out he explained what he was doing and walked through the whole house with me. He looked at every window, the insulation, the can lights in the ceiling, and everything. I appreciated his candor and that he was trying to help instead of focusing on selling us something. He gave us some advice and tips about how to move forward to make our house more energy efficient (e.g. insulation around the lights in the ceiling, what to look for to see if our windows need replacing in the future, good insulation in the ceiling, etc.). There was no pushy sales pitch. Instead he just mentioned to call when we need something. At the end of the audit Brian said, "clearly we don't need to talk about replacing your windows". We will definitely be using them again!"

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